For several years, I designed, manufactured, and sold a line of high fashion jewelry. Through this experience, I learned about marketing, small-scale productions and the fashion industry. During this time, my family was growing and we bought a home. When I began to look for lighting and other accessories for my home, I was not pleased with what was available. My desire to live with functional art and the absence of wonderfully designed, well-made home accessories in the marketplace led to me create the items I wanted for my home. I believe that living with art enhances our lives – and that art, which can be used to meet a functional need as well as making an aesthetic statement, is very easy to live with. I have discovered that I am not alone in having a desire to live with functional art. I have expanded this line of work and developed it into a line of functional art for the home and office, which I call: “Enhancements”. It includes lighting, tableware, cabinet hardware, small sculpture, wall sconces, candle stands, and desk accessories.

Metals Instructor
I have shared my love for metal by teaching it to others since 1978. I have been teaching Jewelry Making and Metalsmithing to adults through the San Diego Community College Diestrict Continuing Education program for 25 years and through Saddleback College for four years. Students attend weekly sessions on an ongoing basis. Their desire to continually learn new skills and techniques expands my experiences as and artist. Students have won awards for their work and quite a few have sold work that they have produced in my class. Several students have gone on to professioanl careers in the jewelry industry.


I have a BFA from the University of Houston and an MA from San Diego State University. Both degrees are in Art, specializing in Jewelry and Metalsmithing. I attend lectures, read professional journals and attend workshops in order to stay current in my field. I am a member of the Society of North Amorican Goldsmiths and the American Crafts Council.

My work has been featured in American Style, American Craft, Metalsmith, San Diego Home Garden and Redbook Magazines as well as the San Diego Union Tribune Newspaper. It has also appeared in the Goodfellow Catalog of Wonderful Things III, Jewelry Making: A Guide for Beginners by Thomas P. Foote, and 20 Years in Metal. I have exhibited widely and currently have work in galleries across the country. I continue to exhibit and create custom artwork in addition to keeping up with “Enhancements”.

The Next Direction
I have occationally created larger peices: a 5’ heigh by 8’ wide wall sculpture, several smaller wall sculptures and a 6’ tall copper cross for a church steeple. I enjoy the challenge of the larger size presents in addition the powerful statement that a work that large can make.

In August of 1997, I was fortunately enough to be asked to create some metal art peices for the Designer Showcase House in San Diego. I worked with Dawn Sullivan of DAS Interiors to create lighting, drawer pulls, switch plate covers, a towel bar, a utensil rack and an apron hook. Since then, I have designed and created more architectural peices such as curtain rods, cabinet feet, and cabinet door fronts. I am very excited about working in a larger scale and intend to pursue creating other functional as well as non-functional peices. I also intend to continue teaching, as it is a constant source of inspiration for me and I believe also my students.