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Fabrication - General
    Sawing Technique
    Filing Technique
    Buffing and Finishing

    Introduction to Silver Soldering
    Solder Picks
    How to deal with Firescale
    Wire Work
    Cold Twisted Wire
    Cold Twisted Wire Jewelry
    Wire Work Basics Handout
    Wire Work Tool List Handout
    Silver Soldering Handout

Metal Clay
    An Introduction to Art Clay
    How to Fire and Finish Art Clay
    Art Clay and Oxidation
    How to Incorporate Glass
    How to Incorporate Porcelain
    Gold Foil Application
    Making a Leaf
    Techniques for Mold Making
    Making Rings with Art Clay
    Flatwork Syringe Techniques
    Cork Clay
    UV Polymer Impressions

Other Handouts
    Gold Diffusion Bonding - An Easy Approach to Kum-Boo

I have been designing and making metal objects and jewelry since 1975. Metal is really second nature to me. I love working in it, knowing about it and learning new things about it. I also love sharing it with others through my creations and through teaching.

Over the years, I have come to enjoy the contradictions of metal. That it is rigid and yet very moveable. It is a very cold material and yet can be made to be very inviting. It is a difficult medium to master, yet so much fun to work in. Metal is the palate I have chosen to make the world a more beautiful place in which to live.

While working for many years in the medium of metal, I have translated it into many forms. I have designed and constructed high-fashion jewelry, custom jewelry, architectural pieces, sculpture and tableware. Throughout all of my work and designs is a consistent approach to making art that can be integrated into every-day life. I want to create pieces that catch the viewer's attention... that make the viewer stop for a minute and look at a work of art that can also be used every day and is very functional.

My desire to live with functional art has led me to design many objects: legs for a small table, drawer pulls, kitchen utensils, and jewelry. I believe that living with art enhances our lives - and that art, which can be used to meet a functional need as well as making an aesthetic statement, is very desirable to live with.

I believe that as children we all have artistic creativity. And unless that artistic creativity is nurtured, it will whither. I believe that we are all have the potential to be creative. Many of us have had it trained out of us over the years. And everyone needs to nourish his or her art side if it is going to thrive. I believe that the world / the educational system / our lack of art education all contribute to most people feeling insecure about art and very insecure about creating art. Creating work and teaching are both ways for me to share art with others.

That is why I really enjoy making art that people can use in their everyday lives and use on a regular basis. It reconnects people with their creativity.